My name is Lucy Mathews Heegaard. I am passionate about helping people tell their stories.

Stories are my artistic medium; writing, photography, sound recording, video editing, and deep listening are my tools. Through a collaborative listening process, I receive your story and help distill it to its essence. The result is a short video mixing images, sounds, and music, with audio clips from our recorded conversation. This story can be just for you, for you to share with loved ones, for you to leave for future generations, or all of the above.


From May through October 2021, I am conducting interviews for a collective storytelling project about nurses who have been on the frontlines of care during the Covid19 pandemic. If you would like to learn more or partcipate, please visit this PAGE.

Listening to others’ stories can lead you into your own. Telling your stories can be a foothold for someone else.

These four videos will tell you more about me, from my current exploration of interdependence and belonging in the Pilgrimage video, to the origins of this exploration in Home: A Story of Return, to a reflection on the power of unconditional love in Last Leaf, to the first video story I ever created—the one that helped me find my voice to tell stories.

I invite you into my story space in hopes that it will offer breathing room, a place to set aside concerns of the day and make room for reflection on the stories that have meaning in your life. I share some stories of my own as encouragement to you to tell yours. At present, I am working on two, collective storytelling projects and am not taking on new commissions for individual story work, but I hope you’ll find inspiration here to explore your story on your own and with loved ones.

interdependence.  belonging.  memory.

2015_12_25_Alabama_MB_EH ©2015 Lucy Mathews Heegaard

Exploring themes of interdependence, belonging, and memory, I seek to shed light on the influences that have shaped us in life and the aspects of ourselves that existed before any shaping took place. I believe that the story telling and listening process offers a vehicle for this exploration and feel strongly that sharing our stories can help us know, appreciate, and nurture the essence of ourselves.

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