My name is Lucy Mathews Heegaard. I am passionate about using story telling and listening as a way to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

I invite you into my story space in hopes that it will offer a respite for reflection on the stories that have meaning in your life. I offer some stories of my own as encouragement to you to tell yours.

Listening to others’ stories can lead us into our own. Telling our stories can be a foothold for someone else.

Stories are my artistic medium; writing, photography, sound recording, video editing, and deep listening are my tools. I draw inspiration from the fields of psychology, philosophy, theology, and spiritual memoir.

interdependence.  belonging.  memory.

2015_12_25_Alabama_MB_EH ©2015 Lucy Mathews Heegaard

Exploring themes of interdependence, belonging, and memory, I seek to shed light on the influences that have shaped us in life and the aspects of ourselves that existed before any shaping took place. I believe that the story telling and listening process offers a vehicle for this exploration and feel strongly that sharing our stories can help us know, appreciate, and nurture the essence of ourselves.

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