My name is Lucy Mathews Heegaard.

I am a multidisciplinary artist using writing, photography, sound recording, film, and video to help us discern and tell our “essence” stories—the stories that reflect who we are at our core, without the shaping and shifting that life circumstances and events can impart on us.

Using the artifacts of our lives as the starting point for self-reflection, I work with everything from recorded interviews, to photographs and letters, to 8mm film and VHS footage, to objects that hold meaning and connection for us to ourselves or other generations, to sounds that anchor us to whatever places we consider home.

The question I continually ask myself is this: When taken together, what do these fragments tell us about our essential stories?


This video, produced as an assignment for a course in my Master of Fine Arts program, was a response to a prompt that asked us to explore an art form with which we had no experience to see what that art form could teach us about ourselves and our work. I chose dance because it was the medium that intimidated me most.

My intention with my art is to encourage each of us toward a sense of wholeness, which I believe leads us toward compassion and care for ourselves and for one another.

While my work is deeply influenced by Buddhist philosophers and Christian mystics, I don’t believe you need to know anything about either to feel drawn to the narratives I create. I hope my stories resonate with those who have no exposure to the philosophies underlying my work, as much so as with those who are far more expert in such wisdom than I am.