My name is Lucy Mathews Heegaard. Combining writing, photography, sound recording, film editing, and deep listening, I produce audio-driven, essay films that combine individual narratives into collective ones. Immersive, experiential, experimental, I want the viewer to feel a visceral, bodily, emotional connection to the narrators’ stories. Themes of memory, identity, and belonging are in everything I create.

Listening to others’ stories can lead you into your own. Telling your stories can be a foothold for someone else.

Manifesto reimagined

What if the word manifesto was not a dictum imposed on others but an invitation into your evolving purpose and practice in the world? This is my effort to re-imagine my understanding of the word manifesto and create one of my own.

A Story of Nurses

An immersive, audio-driven, essay film bearing witness to the experiences of nurses providing care for Covid patients in the pandemic.

An Invitation to Nurses

An invitation to nurses who have been on the frontlines of patient care during the Covid19 pandemic to participate in a collective storytelling project

Love Wins

I was once a cat hater. Brought up on dogs, my world view was shaped by slobbery kisses, exuberant wagging tails, and good-natured, “always ready for adventure” personalities.I had all sorts of preconceived notions about cats and their world: sandpaper tongues,...

Mo(U)Rning In Minneapolis

“...until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”—Martin Luther King, Jr. Many friends and family have reached out to my spouse and me to see how Minneapolis is doing right now, so I took a drive through some of our city neighborhoods...

The Apron

A souvenir apron from New York City in 1964 becomes an enduring love note from my grandmother. November 19, 1964. My grandmother—on her first and only trip to New York City from Alabama where she lived her entire life— bought this apron on the day I was born. ...

memory. identity. belonging.

2015_12_25_Alabama_MB_EH ©2015 Lucy Mathews Heegaard

Story telling can be a healing art. shed light on the influences that have shaped us in life and the aspects of ourselves that existed before any shaping took place. I believe that the story telling and listening process offers a vehicle for this exploration and feel strongly that sharing our stories can help us know, appreciate, and nurture the essence of ourselves.

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