The Roshi Project: Practice Interview

As practice for the interviews I will being doing with Roshis, I asked a friend of mine, a former professor, Dr. Ayo Yetunde to role play my interview process with me. Yetunde is a long-time Buddhist practitioner, a former professor of Buddhist Pastoral Care, and knows some of the Roshis personally whom I will seek to interview so has a good sense of their persona. We agreed that Ayo would use her own personal experiences to answer my questions and simply pretend she is a Roshi, rather than try to imitate or use the story line of one of the Roshis she knows.

After our interview, which lasted 40 minutes, I distilled the audio into a five minute narrative as a practice exercise for the actual interviews. I added music to give the narrative a feel similar to what I might create ultimately in the documentary.