A series short films that distill wisdom from Buddhist teachings into reflective meditations.

Completed in September of 2022, the intention of this project was to create an artful and meaningful distillation of Upaya Zen Center’s Socially Engaged Buddhist Training program in 2021-2022.  Through a series of three short films⏤each one of which features the voices of three different teachers⏤some of the key themes of the program are highlighted. A contemplative experience is created for the viewer by merging abtract visual imagery, with sound, and voice to immerse viewers deeply in reflection on the wisdom shared.

To read more about this project, visit the blog at Medium for the California Institute of Integral Studies Master of Fine Arts program, where I discuss my process: MFA@CIIS Blog.

Nurses on the Frontline

A collective storytelling project gathering the experiences of nurses on the frontline of care during the Covid19 pandemic. 

The purpose of this project was to bear witness to nurses’ experiences providing care to Covid-19 patients as the global pandemic began. I interviewed  nurses from the ER, ICU, and Covid hospital units from May through September 2021. The final product of this project is an immersive, audio-driven essay film that combines the nurses individual stories into a collective one.  I am profoundly grateful to the nurses who shared their stories.

To read more my process in creating this film, see my article in the March, 2022 member newsletter for the Minnesota Coalition on Death Education and Support (MCDES): Bearing Witness: A Collective Story about Nurses in the Pandemic.