About ME

I am infinitely curious about how stories can be used to bear witness to our lives and ourselves


Born in New York City, I grew up in Alabama during the 1960s and 1970s but have lived most of my adult life in Minnesota.

As a child, I remember listening to my great-grandfather tell endless stories about generations of our family. I couldn’t keep all the relatives straight and just wanted to be set free to go play. As I got older, I found these stories had imprinted themselves on me, not so much the details of them but the way they made me feel: like I was part of something bigger than myself—like I belonged.

I have a Master of Arts in Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota and worked in my early career for environmental and affordable housing non-profits. I have been producing stories for myself and others at my creative workshop, Studio-Lu, for the past two decades and am currently working on a Master of Fine Arts degree to explore how the storytelling art can promote healing and wholeness.

A long-time resident of the Twin Cities, I live with my husband and our rescue hound and have three grown children who are spread across the country.


I work with people and their stories to support healing and wholeness. Why? Intimate and nonjudgmental awareness of one’s self tends to heal the fractured parts of our self-perceptions. I believe sharing your story with loved ones through this particular artistic process can help you know, appreciate, and nurture the essence of yourself. 

My process for creating stories begins with conversation, a recorded interview to uncover the story that most needs telling. I listen for ways to connect the story to images, sounds, colors, and music. I spend a considerable amount of time listening and re-listening to the story I have received, distilling it to what I see as its essence.

Words are always my starting point. Images come next. I have been taking photographs since my father gave me a Pentax “ME Super” 35 mm camera when I was 12 or 13 years old. My friends will attest that I am rarely without a camera in hand. I have a large collection of images that I can weave into stories. I also enjoy working with photographs from people’s own personal archives that illustrate key parts of themselves.

The result of my story process typically takes one of two forms: either an edited audio file of our conversation combined with music, or a short video layering images, sounds, music, words, and audio clips. I offer this narrative back to the teller as a reflection of what I heard in their story, a keepsake for themselves alone, or for them to share with loved ones.

At present, I am not working for hire to help people tell their personal stories. Instead, I am feeling called to hone a collective storytelling process that can involve and impact a larger number of people at once.


Wondering why I created a circular, mandala-like symbol for my logo? Curious about the shades of gray and yellow I chose and why? Do you want to know why I went out of my way to find fonts designed by women to use on my site? And for typography fans, in particular, are you wishing you could ask which fonts I use and who created them? For answers to these questions and more, click the Design button below.

PHOTOGRAPHS ON THIS PAGE | Self-Portrait © 2020 Lucy Mathews Heegaard; With my Grandfather © 1969 from my Family ArchiveS; Lucy by Lee Ann © 2018 Lee Ann Mathews Hester.