I am infinitely curious about how stories can be used as a pathway to healing and wholeness

Born in New York City, I grew up in Alabama during the late 1960s through the 1970s. I have lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., and New Hampshire, but for the majority of my adult life I have been in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Writing at California Institute of Integral Studies exploring how story can be used to promote healing and wholeness. I spent a short stint in seminary studying Theology and the Arts before realizing I was really meant to be in art school. In my first career, I earned a Master of Arts in Public Affairs and worked for environmental and affordable housing non-profits in Washington, D.C. and Minnesota.


I work with people and their stories to support healing and wholeness. Why? Because I believe intimate and nonjudgmental awareness of one’s self tends to heal the fractured parts of our self-perceptions⏤the places where we’ve become disconnected or out of touch with our true nature. Exploring our own story through an artistic process guided by this lens can help us know, appreciate, and nurture the essence of ourselves. Inevitably, it also helps us see and appreciate our deep connections to one another.

My process for creating stories begins with conversation, a recorded interview to uncover the story that most needs telling. I listen for ways to connect the story to images, sounds, colors, and music. I spend a considerable amount of time listening and re-listening to the audio to distill it to what I see as its essence. The result of my  process is typically a short video that layers images, sounds, music, words, and voice narrative into an “essence” story.


Wondering why I created a circular, mandala-like symbol for my logo? Curious about the shades of gray and yellow I chose and why? Do you want to know why I went out of my way to find fonts designed by women to use on my site? And for typography fans,  are you wishing you could ask which fonts I use and who created them? For answers to these questions and more, click the Design button.

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